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Francesca Kucera

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a licensed cosmetologist with 5 years of experience. I specialize in men’s grooming detail. I have learned a lot of my skills through the Men’s American Crew cutting system, which I follow to this day. My goal as a Mens grooming specialist is to not only give a great looking haircut filled with compliments, but to also give a haircut that will hold it’s style until your next appointment.


Hatchi Quintana

I've been cutting hair well over 10 years. As a Barber Stylist, I am well versed in all styles and textures of short hair, from Fades to Retro Combovers.  Rooted in Cleveland Ohio where I still dwell and practice my craft and passion. Conveniently located in Downtown, the middle of the city.



Christina Tyler

Cleveland has always been my home, born and raised in Cleveland Heights. I have a background in skincare and make-up application. Focusing my skill as a traditional barber I cater to detail on my haircuts while specializing in straight razor shaves and facials.


Joseph Chasar


I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. My grandmother, aunt, and brother are all barbers. I’ve been around barber shops since I was five years old. I made it official and got my license in 2012. I’m well versed in all hair types and hair styles. I’ve been cutting hair on and off downtown since 2016. People seem to love my work, I’m sure you will too.