Mens Cut- $30

Blending is a major function of this service. Fades, Tapers, The Comb Over, FroHawk or FauxHawk, Latin V, Burst Fade or Classic Crew Cut


Hot Towel / Lather Shave- $25

Hot Towels and Hot Lather with a bit of Rest and Relaxation.


Edge up/Line up- $15

This work requires only the Liners and Straight Edge Razor Blade for hair line enhancement of a pre existing style. No blending is Done. Included with any haircut.

Beard Trim- $15

Includes removal of bulk facial hair and lining detail using Liners and a Straight Edge Razor Blade. Free with haircut

Teen haircut- $20

Haircut and style. No beard detail. Teenagers only.

Children's Haircut- $15

Ages 12 or younger.

Color Enhancements- $5

Darkening Agent - Usually used to enhance the line-up/edge-up. But is also recommended in thin hair filler. Free with haircut

Eyebrows- $7

Razor Edge-up of Eye Brow. Free with Haircut

Design- $15

Designs start at $15 per side but increase with complexity, size and coloring. Max cost is $20.

Facial- $15

Massaging of Face using two facial products. One is an oil lifter and the other is a moisturizer. In combination with Steam Towels, this service not only offers facial reconditioning but also a relaxing experience

Sunday VIP Service-$50

Call 216-374-6767 to book/confirm sunday appointment

Travel / House call / Wedding Party- $75

I will travel anywhere within the Cuyahoga County limits. Beyond the limits, an additional $10 per county. Wedding parties of 3 or more are welcome under the same cost with a 30% deposit and scheduled at least two weeks before the rendering of services. Also call and confirm immediately after booking.

*Late cancel, 50% of $30 = $15*